Ch. Reliant The Right Stuff   "Chuck"
Died at 16 of old age
Ch. Sequoia's Klassic Brittania  "Britt"
Died at 17 of old age
Ch. Arab Bahari's Klassic Tiger    "Tiger"
Died at 16 of a stroke

Ch. Klassic's Eye of the Tiger   "Tony" died at 16 years of old age.

Am/Cdn Ch. Klassic's Cock of     
the Walk - died at 16 yrs.

Ch. Kukuk's Black Knight (Cinder) died from IPSID in 1990.

Cdn Ch. Klassic's Ms Devious "Samantha' died at 15 yrs of old age
Ch. Klassic's Sweet Patootie "Patty' passed away at 11 from cancer

Ch. Klassic's Ms Behavin "Meg"
passed away from cancer at 14
Ch. Kukuk's Sweet and Lovely
passed from old age
Int.and Am Ch. Klassic's Justa Natural 
Died from pyometra

Am/Cdn Ch. Klassic's Bad to the Bone

Ch. Klassic's Ima Rascal "Darla"
passed from old age
Our beloved Tootsie passed away at 16 yrs. 4 months.   Forever in our hearts.
GCh.,S Klassic's Slam Dunk - died from cancer at age 14

Tony, Lady, Little Tiger all died of old age.

Ch. Klassic's Ms Mata Hauri - died at 15

Am/Cdn/UK Ch. Klassic's Million Dollar Baby at Tokaji - passed at 16 of old age.